PDA Foundation

The PDA Foundation provides a mechanism by which individual members can give back to the society and support the next generation of dermatologists so that they may fully realize their professional goals.

Members can provide a general donation or designate their support for a specific PDA program or award. You may also donate to honor the memory of a colleague or leader in our field, or consider including the association in part of your individual estate or tax planning.

Donations are 100% tax deductible (US residents only).  On behalf of the PDA Foundation Committee, we thank you for your consideration and generosity.


Anita Gilliam, MD, Ph.D.

PLATINUM ($500 - $999)
Kent Lindeman
Tina Suneja, MD

GOLD ($250 - $499)
Benjamin Hsu, MD
Sancy Leachman, MD
Catherine Ramsay, MD

SILVER ($100 - $249)
Frank Highly Jr., MD
Julie Hodge, MD
Henry Lim, MD
Charles Linden, MD
James O’Connell, MD
Margaret Olsen, MD
Eric Rasmussen, MD
David South, MD

BRONZE ($25 - $99)
Jay Appelbaum, MD
Robert DeStefano, MD
Marvin Engel, MD
Desmond Gibson, MD
David Gorsulowsky, MD
Ralph Heising, MD
Burton Jay, MD
Frederick Kingery, MD
Alice Lee, MD
Allison Metz, MD
Kathleen Sawada, MD
Lawrence Schall, MD
Phillip Valentine, MD
David Woodley, MD