Resident Case & Newcomer Research Award Submission Form

PDA’s 70th Annual Meeting
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Please have all materials (such as photos and Word documents) prepared before continuing with this form. You will upload photos and documents in the second step. Please note that there is a 2MB file size limit on the files you upload. If your images are larger than 2MB in file size, you will need to resize them to a smaller file size before continuing. Click here for information about some free software you can use.

You will have a chance to review your submission before finalizing your submission in the third step. If you need additional assistance with the case submission system, you can contact PDA at

Step 1

Please use upper and lower case letters.

Limit 2700 characters.

Newcomer Research Award submissions will be uploaded as a Word file on the next page.

Separate keywords with commas.

You will be able to upload case documents and images on the next page.